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Shell Advance Ultra 2T - Fully Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil – 1 liter

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Ultimate performance two-stroke motorcycle oil
Advance Ultra 2 is a unique, Shell technology, fully synthetic oil for the ultimate performance and protection of two-stroke motorcycle engines.
It is a combination of polyisobutylenes and Shell XHVI synthetic base fluids blended with proven additives to give unequalled performance in all two-stroke engines, even those subjected to the most extreme conditions.
1,471.75 din.
1,471.75 din.
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Product Description


Rotax aircraft engines - Selection of suitable operating fluids

Fully synthetic 2-stroke motorcycle engine oil
- Shell Advance Ultra 2 is a unique fully synthetic lubricant exclusively designed for the ultimate in protection, cleanliness and low smoke in 2-stoke motorcycle engines
- It is the best Shell 2-stroke motorcycle oil you can buy
- It is ideal for riders of high-powered performance bikes who demand top performance in all road conditions and is suitable for oil-injection and premix systems
- Shell Advance Ultra 2 is specially formulated for ultimate engine protection and performance in 2-stroke motorcycle engines
- It keeps the engine clean and protected for longer, giving clean combustion, minimising exhaust smoke
- Its superior control against exhaust system blocking, prolongs the engines life with no power loss
- Its thick lubricant film strength provides excellent protection against metal-to-metal wear
- The product exceeds international specification (API TC, JASO FD, ISO-L-EGD) and the requirements of all leading motorcycle manufacturers

- All two-stroke motorcycle engines with oilinjection or premix system.
- Recommended for high-performance Snow Scooter at temperatures down to -40C .
- Recommended for high-performance air and water cooled two-stroke engines, including race tuned.

Advance Ultra 2 should not be used in outboard engines. The appropriate Nautilus Oil is recommended for this application.

Performance Features
- Extremely low smoke
- Ultimate lubrication at peak performance levels
- Improved acceleration
- Outstanding engine cleanliness
- Maximum protection against scuffing and ring sticking
- Ultra low combustion and exhaust system deposits
- Extended engine life
- Excellent mixing with leaded and unleaded petrol
- Excellent cold temperature performce

Performance Specifications
Exceeds proposed ISO EGD
Advance Ultra 2 exceeds the requirements of all major motorcycle manufacturers and all international specifications.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery 2-3 weeks after placing order
Hazardous N/A
Oversize N/A
Manufacturer Shell
Special Price No


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