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Strong Parachutes Cushion Seat 304

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This price include all what you need to start using the parachute, and that is: technical check, packing equipment, parachute logbook issue and Strong Parachutes Carry Bag.
510,643.00 din.
510,643.00 din.
Strong Enterprises
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Product Description


The Strong Parachutes Cushion Seat 304 is recommended for use in airplanes where head room is not restricted and (or) moving forward in the cockpit is not an option such as a Yak 52 or Yak 55.

The 304 parachute comes fitted with a static line as standard. The system's container measures 12" x 16" x 3" thick. By using an additional comfort Foam cushion the thickness of the pack maybe extended by a further 2.5".

Suitable for the following aircraft: Acroduster, Acrosport, Bowers Flybaby, Bucker Jungmann, Christen Eagle II, Citabria, Curtis Wright Model 19, Decathlon, DR 109, Fire Bolt, Fouga Jet, Great Lakes, Pitts 12, Pitts S1, Pitts S1C, Pitts S2B Front Seat, Pitts Special, RV3, RV4 Front Seat, RV8 Front Seat, Ryan PT-22, Scout, Skybolt, Starduster, Stearman, Stemme 304, TS11 Iskra, Waco, Yak 11, 18A, 3, 50 & 52.

Special for RV-4 (10 x 16 x 3.5")
The Model 304 is designed to be used in place of a seat cushion.
The system's container measures 12" x 16" x 3" thick (minimum). By using an additional Confor Foam cushion the thickness of the pack may be from 3" to 6" thick depending on the type of airplane and how high the user desires to be in the cockpit.
The back pad is only a 1/2" thick, and uses Confor Foam padding.
The Para-Cushion Seat is recommended for use in airplanes where head room is not restricted and (or) moving forward in the cockpit is not an option such as a Sky Bolt, a Yak 52 (both seats), Yak 55, Stearman, Great Lakes, Pitts S 2B (front seat), Decathlon, and the rear seat of an RV-4.
This product comes standard with fully adjustable harness.

Available Options:
Fully adjustable harness. Allows wearer to adjust the harness using seven adjustment points for a perfect fit. Works very well for clubs where different people will be using the system, also works well for the non-pilot seat in two seat airplanes where different passengers will be carried.
Aerobatic harness. This harness option moves the snaps that normally sit on top of the pilots legs, to your chest, where there is no pressure from a seat belt. This works best where a Hooker Harness Ratchet type seat belt is used.
Quick Ejector Snaps. This is the Military type hardware that can be used in place of the standard B-12 snaps. Works best for former military pilots who have become accustomed to this type of hardware.
Travel Cushion. Available for the Para-Cushion Seat Model 304 only. This is a pad that zips on to the top of the pack. The cushion uses Confor foam padding and can be made from 1.5" to 4" thick. Works best where the pilot wishes to sit higher in the cockpit, also provides more comfort.
Capewell Riser Releases. For landing in high wind conditions allows the pilot to release the parachute, to prevent dragging. Disadvantages -- Heavy and expensive hardware.
Oxygen Pocket. Pocket built in to the system for a bail out bottle. (Pocket only.)
ELT Pocket. Pocket built in to the system for the pilots ELT. (Pocket only.)
Sheepskin pad. Sheepskin pads keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Installed using the Velcro channels already in place on your system.
Lumbar support cushion
G-Pad. An auxiliary pad that attaches to the back pad of any Para-Cushion. The G-pad is formed to snugly fit around the pilot's sides providing extra support during high G maneuvers.
Custom Monogramming. We can monogram your name, N number, or anything that space will allow on the front of your container.
Survival Equipment Pocket. Storage space built in to the container, to hold personnel items such as a cell phone, signal mirror, energy bar and a small first aid kit.

Mid-Lite Canopy Features
• Canopy shape: conical
• Size: 26 ft
• Number of gores: 24
• Canopy cloth: Mil-C-44378 T III
• Line length: 18 ft 6 in
• Line material: Nylon braided
• Line tensile strength: 650 lb
• Gores: 24
• Panels per gore: 4
• Suspension line material: Braided nylon
• Suspension line strength: Military LoPo, 650 lbs
• Canopy Cloth: Mil-C-44378 T3 30 – 50 cfm
• Number of circumferential reinforcing tapes: 3
• Turn Speed 360º: 7 seconds (approximate)
• Forward speed: 7 mph approximate
• Opening time: 1.1-2.3 seconds
• Rate of descent: 200 lbs 16.5 fps
• Canopy weight: 7.5 lb (approximate)
• Maximum weight: 254 lbs (115 kg)

Additional Information

Additional Information

P/N strongseat304
Delivery 3-4 weeks after placing order
Hazardous N/A
Oversize N/A
Manufacturer Strong Enterprises
Special Price No


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