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Tempest Tornado 3000 - AA3215CC - Dry Air Pump

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Newest FAA-PMA edition has patented Wear Indicator Port that allows for internal observation of the pump's vanes. The WIP helps determine if the pump should be replaced, and helps avoid inflight failure due to a pump exceeding it's life cycle. Fins increase the cooling surface area by nearly 100% and also decrease weight.
75,549.00 din.
75,549.00 din.
Aero Accessories
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Product Description


Tempest™ Tornado Pumps
New, improved AA3215CC or AA3216CW bandless pumps are designed to reduce premature failures. Closed front ends prevent the residual oils and solvents which result from pressure The Tempest™ Tornado Pump.washing from entering the drive mechanism of the pump. Revolutionary patent-pending LRT oil diverter system is designed to drain oil from leaking garlock seals away from the pump.

Monolithic construction with integrated alignment bands provides extreme co-axial component accuracy. Elimination of centering bands reduces premature failures which can be caused by the rotor and stator bumping under severe operating conditions. Through bolts maintain constant body torque and pump alignment during critical temperature extremes.

Tempest™ Tornado pumps also have patented “Wear Indicator Port”. "MANDATORY 500 HOUR REPLACEMENT" is a thing of the past. If you have the AA3215CC or AA3216CW Tempest™ Dry Air Pump with this patented Wear Indicator Port installed on your aircraft, you can operate your airplane up to 600 hours before the first recommended observation of the vane wear should be accomplished. At that time, if the backside of the vane is not observed in the indicator window, go ahead and operate your airplane until 1000 hours of pump operation. At that point we recommend that the next observation be performed. With their Wear Indicator Port you will know when it’s time to replace your pump.

Warranty: 3 years or 1300 hours

New revolutionary LRT oil drain, patent pending feature is designed to drain oil, caused by a leaking Garlock Seal, before it reaches the drive coupler. Provides a tell tale leak path. Closed front ends, designed to eliminate oil and oil residues from entering into the pump. Helps prevent pump failures caused by oil entering into the drive mechanism or rotor and vanes. Wear indicator port, internal visual observation port to determine vane wear. Each pump is meticulously and professionally hand assembled to insure proper tolerances and clearances. This assures optimum performance. After assembly, each pump is functionally tested. After this initial testing, the pump is then disassembled, inspected for any unusual wear or abnormalities, and reassembled for a second test run. This extensive testing procedure assures that only first-class products leave their facility.

Additional Information

Additional Information

P/N AA3215CC
Delivery 3-4 weeks after placing order
Hazardous N/A
Oversize N/A
Manufacturer Aero Accessories
Special Price No


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