McFarlane - MCC299506-0102 - Control Assy - Propeller - Alt. to C299506-0102

McFarlane - MCC299506-0102 - Control Assy - Propeller - Alt. to C299506-0102

McFarlane - MC9863053-10 - Control Assy- Throttle - Alt. to 9863053-10

McFarlane - MCC299505-0102 - CONTROL (Throttle) - Alt. to C299505-0102

McFarlane - MCC299505-0201S - Control Assy - Throttle - Alt. to C299505-0201

McFarlane - MCC299505-0201S - Control Assy - Throttle - Alt. to C299505-0201

McFarlane - MCC299506-0102 - Control Assy - Propeller - Alt. to C299506-0102

McFarlane - MCC299506-0102 - Control Assy - Propeller - Alt. to C299506-0102
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McFarlane Push-Pull Controls

McFarlane Aviation offers FAA/PMA approved throttle, propeller and mixture controls for many single engine Cessna, Piper, Grumman and Bellanca aircraft. Please view the Eligibility Chart or click "View Eligible Aircraft" above to determine the correct part number for your specific aircraft.

For special applications or when replacement controls are no longer available, custom engine controls can be made to your specifications. Custom engine controls are manufactured using the same materials and quality control procedures as our FAA/PMA approved products. Custom controls are not FAA/PMA approved. The user must obtain the proper FAA approvals to use our custom controls on certificated aircraft. For ordering details, go to the Custom Engine Control Page.

See the Customer Testimonial page for what others say about McFarlane controls.


Our engine and propeller controls incorporate a number of unique features that make McFarlane Controls the highest quality engine and propeller controls on the market:

  • Solid metal construction

  • Pilot friendly knobs

  • Lifetime lubrication

  • Superior low friction conduit

  • Custom controls available

Solid Metal Construction

Our fittings and components are made from anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. All critical swage connections are metal to metal for continued dependability. Our Vernier locking devices are precision formed and heat treated in critical wear areas.

Superior Conduit System

The McFarlane conduit is made from coiled .065 inch plated carbon steel wire that has been formed to a "D" shape for increased strength and to give a smooth inside diameter. A virgin Teflon liner has been inserted into the center of the coil for low friction and high temperature operation. The conduit is over-braided with 304 stainless steel wire and then covered with a stabilized nylon anti-abrasion jacket. This system gives McFarlane controls good flexibility with smooth low friction operation even when routed with multiple small radii bends. The stainless steel braid gives our controls good tensile strength and a solid feel under heavy push loads without sacrificing routing flexibility.

Knobs Make a Difference

Our "pilot friendly" knobs are all compression molded from a cellulose reinforced copolymer melamine-phenol resin. They are hard and stable. Unlike the soft injection molded knobs, they resist scratching and do not deteriorate with age. The McFarlane knobs meet the latest FAR requirements for shape and color.

Vibration Dampening Features

The McFarlane metal swivel joints have a unique Viton rubber vibration dampening sleeve with a spring load system that stops engine induced vibration in the push rod guide tube and metal swivel joint. Molded Viton boots are also used on the push rod guides to seal out contaminates. The Viton rubber withstands the high temperatures of the engine environment while resisting degradation from oil and solvents. This system drastically reduces the vibration fretting and wear that leads to premature control failure.

Special Lubrication

During assembly the McFarlane controls have a special life-time lubrication applied to critical sliding surfaces. This molybdenum disulfide and Teflon based lubricant with a synthetic grease base has been specially formulated to reduce friction and prevent galling and contamination locking of the control components from -70 F to over 1000 F.

Consistent Quality

The production of McFarlane controls is continuously interrupted for inspections of all critical elements during assembly. Every control is 100% inspected rather than just sampled for inspections. Attention is given to every detail at McFarlane Aviation. For instance, we verify the torque required to rotate our vernier mechanism on every vernier control before it is released. A record is kept for each lot of controls with inspection results and complete component traceability.

Tough in any Environment

The McFarlane controls have had an outstanding performance and reliability record in all environments. They work freely at 50 below zero and have been proven in harsh salt water environments. Temperatures approaching the melting point of the steel components can not stop the McFarlane controls from functioning. We have tested our controls in the harshest environments to insure that they will provide a long reliable service life for the most demanding engine installations.

Time Tested

McFarlane manufactures the best aircraft engine controls. With 20 years of reliable service and thousands of units in airplanes flying on every continent (yes, even Antarctica), McFarlane controls have a proven track record and set the standard for premium controls.

Recommended Service Life

Due to the criticalness of engine controls and considering their operating environment, the maximum recommended in service time for McFarlane engine controls is equal to the maximum time between engine overhauls as recommended by the engine manufacturer. This recommended service life is in alignment with most aircraft manufacturer's recommendations.

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