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About Pilot Shop Serbia

Pilot Shop Serbia is a web shop of Grappolo Aviation Supply Company Ltd., we found that pilots in this region need company who will care of them and theirs aircrafts.

We dispatch all over the region from our Headquarter based in Belgrade, Serbia. Our e-commerce, customer service and dispatch system are the best in the business, and ensure that our customers receive the highest quality and most reliable service available. Pilot Shop Serbia website details thousands of products for pilots and aircrafts and is very easy to use.
We supply our customers with Pilot Equipments, Aircraft Parts, Aeroshell, Tools, Avionics, Instruments and all Covering materials what they need.

Pilot Shop Serbia is dedicated to offer great product choice and all what customers need for General Aviation.

 Contact persons:

Mobile: +381 63 8651935
Office: +381 11 4140777
Fax: +381 11 4140778

Mobile: +381 63 8651900
Office: +381 11 4140777
Fax: +381 11 4140778